septic system maintenance

Stages to Septic Failure

The functional principles of a septic systems apply to a two or more cesspool  systems. Septic system maintenance is a must!

Septic Tank Problems

Since a septic tank is a solid closed vessel, when surface solids accumulate to a thickness where water can not drain off to the cesspool, then the tank will completely fail, much like a line clog.

Below is a typical properly operating septic tank. Once the solids on the top interfere with draining water out to the cesspool, then the tank needs pumping to allow drainage.

The septic tank filters out the solids and transfers all the liquids to the cesspool. In a new cesspool, the water level is low and the pool drains easily into the surrounding sand.

After ten years, the water level rises and the organic material has started to clog the surrounding sand – the pool is still draining but not as fast as before. After ten years, it’s time to do maintenance on your system to prevent future problems.

Solids have built up in the septic tank, but more important, the sand on the bottom of the cesspool has become saturated with organic matter not allowing water to drain fast enough during heavy water use.